Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Congratulations Mr. Trump on the election to the President of the United States of America...

Dear Mr President,

Congratulations to the winning of the presidential elections of the United States last night. I know that german mass media and politicians do not like your victory. But you should know that the german mass media is lying when they are writing that german people think that you are not a good choice as a president of the United States.

The german people has this opinion, because they are manipulated by mass media and propaganda in Europe since many months and many years, which has been placed in questionable manner in the public community of this country.

From my point of view. Mr President, I hope you will bring peace back to Europe and the rest of the world and you will end corruption and demolition of liberty, freedom and peace in the world and on the wonderful planet earth. 

Mr President, I like your intention to search the dialogue with Russia in order to form a new and peaceful world. I hope you will do this as soon as possible, because otherwise the planet earth and the United States of America are in danger to be destoyed by parties which are supporting totalitarism and terrorism in many countries of the world. 

Mr President, mass media at Germany is writing that you has no clue about politics. But you should know that you have all respect of the people of the United States of America and many other countries in the world including Germany. If you stop bombing peacefull countries and if you stop to support countries which support terrorism and murdering in all parts of the world and if you bring back the people into work again - you will be one of the greatest presidents in history of the USA.

Mr President, I hope that within the next 100 days after initiation of your presidential work the people of Germany will recognize that you has the intention to introduce new respect to human kind and the countries of the world and as especially the United States, which want to live peaceful and in harmony with all other people in the world.

I hope, Mr President that you are aware that your life is in danger, if you are trying to bring peace and humanity back to human kind. But you should not be afraid to follow the way of peace and humanity in order to reorganize the world in a win win situation for all countries and all people in the world.

It is possible that the US-Dollar will be devalued but this is not the problem of the United States - it is the problem of the holders of the US-Dollar Bonds. I hope you will make a reform of the Federal Reserve System as you has told to the citizen of the United States in front of the election and combine it with a new Bretton Woods System.

I know that german politicians do not like your intention change the control of the FED which is a danger for the peace and nature in our world. You wrote on Twitter this year:

It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.

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