Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

Nachrichten an die Präsdienten Obama und Putin

Folgende Nachricht habe ich den beiden Staatsführern heute - anlässlich der Entwicklungen in der Ukraine . zukommen lassen. Der Empfang wurde inzwischen bestätigt. Sobald ich eine Antwort erhalte, werde ich Ihnen diese mitteilen.

Dear Mr President,

my name is Cord Uebermuth and I'm a German ophthalmologist, who is watching with issues of the economy and the future of humanity.

I am writing this letter, which I also sent to Mr..., in order to remember you and the governments of this planet that especially you ... - overlooking the vast arsenals of weapons of mass destruction - have a special responsibility for the future of humanity.

First, I would like to send both a message from the Space Station ISS, which is addressed to all of humankind:

I think the path of destruction in questions of world politics for all human is the the wrong way of the future.

I expect - as an inhabitant of planet earth - of you and also the other governments of the world to become aware of your special responsibility for the future welfare of humanity. I urge you to meet Mr.... in person - to find a solution and new perspectives for a better future of mankind - in peace and freedom - in order develop benefit of all mankind and the future generations of the planet earth.

You and I are like all people in this world, spiritual beings, with the same fears, anxieties and desires, like any other human being - regardless of color, sex or national origin. I think we should not lightly to squander enter the unique opportunity of humanity into a new age. Humanity can fly to the stars, instead of throwing bombs. Let us work on it.

I invite you therefore hereby cordially to come to Dusseldorf in Germany to discuss informally solutions with sight on the future of human kind during the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping end of March at Düsseldorf. I think we should talk about about the future of humanity on planet Earth in peace and love - for humans and generations in the future.

Best regards.

Cord Uebermuth.

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