Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2018

Venus and the Moon above Düsseldorf Volmerswerth at summer 2018...

Two weeks ago Venus and Moon created a beautiful composition at the sky above my hometown Düsseldorf.
If you don´t find the beauty of Venus at the evening sky then take a look at the next picture. The white arrow is marking the planet next to us at the evening sky above the church of Saint Dionysius...
Venus Moon 201807 Düsseldorf Volmerswerth mit Pfeil.jpg
At the picture you see the moon with venus on the right as a small white dot above the Rhine at Düsseldorf Volmerswerth.
Sunset Moon venus rhine düsseldorf volmerswerth.jpg
The photo was made at the Fleher Bridge with a Sony Alpha 58 Camera.
I hope you enjoy it like me to see the wonderful evenings with Venus at the sky, which will be shining further for the next weeks at the evening...

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